About us

We are dancers

The Dance Towels Project is a project by dancers for dancers. 

We are all dancing many different styles: From Lindy Hop to Ballroom to Ballet and Modern, you name it, we dance it. 

Currently we're a team of four people: Benedikt Jockenhöfer, Annika Hoffmann, Gosia Aniolkowska and Stefanie Lanz.

Benedikt and Annika are the CEO's and basically do everything from Shipping to embroidery and the writing of this text ;)

Gosia and Stef are creating the amazing designs of the Dance Towels with sooo much love and dedication.

Why the Dance Towels exist

One day in 2020, it was a hot evening and Benedikt was dancing with Annika. 

Benedikt was sweating so much, that when he (I) foolishly decided to make a dip, all the sweat from his head gathered in his beard and came down onto Annika like a waterfall.

That's when he decided: "I need a towel to dry my head between dances!"

"But what towel do I get?"

"I don't want to bring one from the bathroom that makes me look like I took the wrong exit on my way to the sauna."

The local sports store had some awesome microfiber towels, which were just right, quick drying and highly absorbent, but.... neon orange and neon green... 

I tried to find a good looking microfiber towel... but there weren't any...

And that's how the Dance Towels were born, because Benedikt wanted some good looking quick drying microfiber towels for himself and had to order hundreds of them just to get them made. 

And now the Dance Towels are spreading all over the world, because as it turns out... There are many dancers in the world who sweat and who want to be less sweaty for their partners and who want to bring a towel and still look good. 

Sweating is normal and healthy, but noone has to be covered in other peoples sweat. That's what the Dance Towels are for.