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Available in two sizes, looking like scarfs or pocket squares.

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Dancers all over the world love their Dance Towels

Dance Towels

High performance microfiber towels for dancers. Highly absorbent, quick drying, elegant looking. The perfect present for a dancer.

Ultra Absorbent

Dance Towels like "The Savoy" Absorb 3x more than a cotton towel of the same weight
The reason why microfiber is so absorbant is that the fiber is not round like cotton, but it has many "pockets" along the length of it that can take moisture way better than any round fiber.

Fast Drying

Dries within a few songs because microfiber doesn't hold water.
Of course it all depends on how wet you make the Dance Towel, but overall our tests concluded: A fully soaked Dance Towel like "The Aviator" will usually be completely dry the next morning, so if you are at a festival, you can use it at night, wash it, when you get home and it should be ready to use the next day. 

Super Soft

Becomes super soft after the first wash.
When you touch an unwashed Dance Towel like "Tanyas Sweet Secret" , it might still feel a little stiff, but after the first wash it will be soft and kuddely. 

The Perfect Present for Dancers

The Dance Towels come in an awesome looking gift box that has 4 dance pairs on it, each representing a different dance style. When giving a gift, the first impression is what's important so we made sure the box is as awesome and iconic as the content.

In our dance schools there are a lot of occasions, where we need a really good present for a dancer. Maybe you need a present for a dance partner or a present for a dance teacher or a present for an organiser that shows appreciation and doesn't break the bank. The Dance Towels are perfect for that. Collect 5€ from 10 ppl in a course and you can gift your dance teacher a custom embroidered Dance Towel.

Made from 100% recycled bottles

This was very important for us and it actually made it very hard to find a producer and it also doubled our production costs to have the Dance Towels made from recycled bottles. The Dance Towels feel like a very soft fabric, you wouldn't guess it's plastic and you can wear it with pride because you know they reduce the amount of plastic going to waste.

Machinewashable at 60°C to prevent any smell

You surely know It is very important to be able to wash polyester clothing at 60°C because bacteria can thrive on the surface and create bad odors. What you might not know is that most microfiber towels will micro melt and loose their structure and their absoring qualities when washed above 30°C. That's why we went the extra mile and created microfiber towels that you can wash at 60°C/120°F over and over without them loosing their quality.

Antibacterial Fiber Structure

On a microscopic level the microfiber of the Dance Towels is created in a way that it traps bacteria in its fibers, so you will never smear any bacteria onto your face because they are trapped inside the fibers. These bacteria will then be killed and released at 60° in the washing mashine and the Dance Towel will be fresh again.

By Dancers For Dancers

We created the Dance Towels first and foremost for ourselves and we use them basically every day. That's why we created them exactly how we wanted them and we are very sure you will love them, too.
If you want to know more about the people behind the Dance Towels, you can read about us here.

The Dance Towels are for every dance style, Tango, Salsa, Standard and Latin Dance, all partnered dancers will be happy about a less sweaty partner.